How well do you know your IPL fans? | Lifesight

IPL matches have gone on to become some of the most exciting social experiences in the country. In 2018, the average per match stadium attendance ran upwards of 30,000 and millions more tuned into their devices and screens. These IPL fans are a goldmine for marketers. With big buck investments in IPL marketing across all platforms, are brands digging deep into audience personas of viewers that they are marketing to this season?

We dived into the audience insights at the 2019 IPL matches played thus far. We estimate that this audience comprises of 79% males and 21% females. But what else do we know about them?

Lifesight’s Methodology

Lifesight collects persistent location and app usage data from opt-in end users via its SDK embedded in various partner apps. The data then anonymised, aggregated, and fed through Lifesight’s location intelligence engine to derive valuable geo-behavioural insights.

For this study, we geofenced and studied footfalls at the 8 IPL venues on the day of the matches during the game hours (from March 23 to April 2, 2019). This resulted in a sample of 9,051 unique ad ids that we predicted with high confidence to have attended the matches. To further ensure the accuracy of the sample, devices predicted to be either staff/employees of venues or appear to be ‘passing-by’ (based on dwell time and/or horizontal accuracy), were excluded.

To arrive at brand/category affinities, visitation pattern of sample devices was analysed over a period of 90 days prior and the results were ranked to determine the top brands/categories. Other demographic attributes (gender, home location, app usage etc) associated with user personas were leveraged to populate other insights for this study.

The screen life

Analysing the device brand of choice, along with the carriers and app usage patterns among IPL stadium-goers, yielded some crucial insights. Samsung takes the cake in terms of being the top smartphone brand being used by 30% of the audience, with Jio emerging as the carrier of choice used by 43% of the audience.

As for app usage, Facebook and WhatsApp remain the top 2 apps across categories being used by 58% and 54% of the audience respectively, with Hotstar reigning supreme as the streaming app of choice at 38% and Flipkart being the favoured e-commerce app among IPL fans at 34%.

Ola vs Uber? IPL fans seem to prefer Ola (42%) as their preferred ride-sharing app, with Uber (35%) not that far behind.

Top 5 App Categories:

  1.    Arts & Entertainment
  2.    Video Gaming       
  3.    Technology & Computing
  4.    Hobbies & Interests
  5.    Business


… And the off-screen life

Beyond the online browsing and app usage behaviour, we dug deep into real-world category and brand affinities of IPL match viewers. These conclusions are based on the frequency of visits to brands and categories within the last 90 days. Here’s what we found  –

When it comes to brand affinities, Dominos is the QSR brand that’s most frequented by IPL fans across cities, with Louis Philippe the favoured Fashion retail brand. As for footwear brands, Bata reigned supreme coming up trumps over the likes of Metro and Woodland.

And finally, a number of parents are in attendance at the family experience that IPL matches have gone on to become. Mothercare, Funskool, and Hamleys are the top three favourites for kids’ brands among this audience.

Here are the Top 3 brands per category:

Top QSR Brands Top Footwear Brands Top Sports Brands Top Fashion Brands Top Kids Brands
Dominos’ Pizza Bata Reebok Louis Philippe Mothercare
KFC Metro Puma Jockey Funskool
McDonald’s Woodland Nike Mufti Hamleys


Top 5 most visited Lifesight audience categories

  1.     Hardware & DIY Shoppers
  2.    Commercial Buildings Visitors
  3.    Restaurant Customers
  4.    Religious or Spiritual Venue Visitors
  5.    Clothing and Accessories Shoppers

With audience insights that take into account holistic insights about the online and real-life interests, lifestyles, and needs, marketers benefit in two ways –

  • Targeting – More informed decision-making on targeting the right audience
  • Contextualization & personalization– By targeting consumers with the right messages at the right time, based on real lifestyle needs and affinities, brands stand a much higher chance of conversion

Is your brand making full advantage of holistic audience insights?